Monday, April 21, 2008

self-induced poverty, i've come to realize, is something that'll truly change your life.

i wish i'm doing this self-induced poverty thing in a bo sanchez-like manner, meaning that it was a call from god to trust him more. unfortunately, i'm doing this simply because a whole lot of expenses have decided to make themselves manifest. add to that the money i spent for my armpits, and i'm in for a very rough summer. imagine (1) replacement bumper; (2) participation; (3) clothes spinner; (4)car registration; (5) car comprehensive insurance.

under normal circumstances, car registration and insurance will be paid for by my mid-year 13th month pay but that together with the other things is driving me a bit crazy. those, together with the armpit expense, is making me a whole lot crazier.

ultimately, though, it's the fact that i'm saving up for my own LV speedy 30 is what's forcing me to basically ignore the mall and all the stores therein. the fact that the exchange rate is climbing and that LV had a price increase recently (i know! the bastards!) aren't helping things.

and, oh, there's a camera i want pa ....

see, i'm clearly in over my head ... way over my head.

but the fact that i'm ignoring all forms of retail therapy, well, that might just be the best thing that's ever happened to my bank account :) until i pay for that crazy speedy bag :)

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