Thursday, April 17, 2008

the quest for hairless and blemish free armpits

warning:you might be in for a blog entry with "too much information". stop if it gets to be a little too personal

i'll admit it to the universe: i've always hated my armpits (together with certain other parts of my anatomy). i love my smile, i love my eyes, i've even learned to embrace the fact that i have ginormous legs. i have never, however, accepted the fact that my armpits are dark and ugly.

believe me when i say i've tried everything. when i was a kid, my mom didn't want me to pluck so i wouldn't get chicken skin, so i shaved. then i learned that shaving made it darker so i tried waxing. but waxing left me with chicken skin so i went back to shaving. i've tried every single shaver known to man, but i still ended up with ingrown hairs and, yes, dark armpits.

i've also tried everything to make it lighter. tawas - the powdered kind - left me sweaty. all whitening deodorants had no effect. i've tried roll-ons, sticks, creams, powder, spray, gel. again, no effect. i've even tried lemons.

at the end of the day, i've come to accept that: (1) unless i stop shaving they'll continue to darken and (2) no amount of over the counter treatment can fix my dark armpits.

so, i've tried out godiva skin station's ipl hair removal. i've finished my first session; i've got seven more to go under the promo. after this, they recommended undergoing diamond peel to make it smoother and hopefully the same color as the rest of my skin.

right now i'm so broke i can't even buy a bag that's on 70% off sale. but then if this means pretty armpits - and hopefully they do - then i'm ready for the self-induced poverty.

and if it doesn't, well, i might have to raise holy hell.

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