Saturday, November 10, 2007

when i told a friend i was going to watch beyonce's concert, she expressed concern.

"do you know that there are rumors going around that she isn't really going to be there?"

apparently, since the concert was being touted as "the beyonce experience" and considering that the words "live in taguig" were conspicously absent from the posters, there was a rumor going around that beyond wasn't really going to be there, that they'll just be doing a live feed of her doing a concert somewhere else.

the picture in the philippine star last wednesday morning should've shut up the rumors.

except that we were at the patron b section and when all the other people who were in the sections in front of us stood in their seats at the start of the concert, we were left with exactly that: the experience and zero view of beyonce.

i wish i could say that i at least saw her arm or something but unfortunately, all i can say is that from what i saw from the giant screen, she was amazing.

my third concert in this lifetime, my first major contemporary star, and i'm stuck with watching her on the giant screen. bummer.

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