Thursday, April 21, 2005

so i've been busy...

... with dan brown's deception point. i think i'm the one who's been duped into reading what i think was a semi-lousy novel.

... with staring at my crush every single afternoon while being continuously enthralled with his brains.

... enjoying how it feels to be a full-time student with three-hour lunch breaks and tambay time after classes while eating cheap spaghetti.

... dealing with grades and errant students and what nots.

... figuring out how to deal with a three week internship AND teaching a new class i haven't really figured out yeat AND bar review starting may 2.

... trying to forget about a graduation i should be attending this sunday and a recognition ceremony this coming tuesday had i not totally bombed commercial law review *sigh*

hence, no entries for almost a week.

i wish it were something more exciting, like an out-of-town trip, or something tragic, like my internet connection at work being cut-off by someone who used to like me but i didn't like back. unfortunately, it was just a series of random events that had nothing to do with excitement.

none at all.

i'm now officially boring.

except that last monday, a classmate *waves at toni!!!* turned to me and asked, "are you the rosa who writes cardriver?"

famous? maybe not.

but i don't think i can deny this blog any longer.

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