Friday, April 15, 2005

in light of what had happened, everyone - friends and acquaintances, including boyfriend of classmates, and future boyfriends of aunts - have all said their version of "it's going to be okay"

but you realize, sh*t, no it's not going to be okay and if this happened to you, you'd be mad too.

until you enroll for an elective and you realize one of the two teachers happens to be your biggest crush since undergrad when you first heard him speak during the USC campaign and you finally agree...

yes, it's going to be okay.
yes, there's a purpose to it all.

i now imagine us on our wedding day, facing our family and friends, smiling happily. and when asked, "how did you meet?", my story will beging with the line, "it all began when i failed commercial law review..."

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