Saturday, January 05, 2013


today is the birthday of a really good friend.

{birthday boy}
we met in 2007 ... i was a new lawyer and within minutes of meeting him, i pre-judged him as this guy living of his parents simply cause he was in jeans on a weekday and was driving an innova. i couldn't have been more wrong in my assessment of him. haha!

almost six years later, we're still friends. last night, when my turn came to tell the group something nice about him, i shared how he's always been there to figure out how to get inside my locked house, come in the middle of the night to repair pipes that burst, and to bring me to the airport when the flight is at some ungodly hour. he attempted to bill me for services rendered, until i reminded him that i've basically been his on-call lawyer. we have a mutually beneficial relationship (and hopefully he doesn't realize that i benefit way more than he does!).

happy birthday, KEf. i hope you never get tired of having us around you.

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