Saturday, October 13, 2012

random notes on a lazy saturday morning

after all the lectures, KAP meetings, and what-nots, it's been a while since i had a free saturday morning where all that was expected of me was to open my eyes. so today's such sheer joy ... going over pics on FB (it's just not the same whether you're using your BB or an android phone!), reading blogs at a leisurely pace, and - something that i hardly get to do now - blogging.

but, even if i barely have time to even breathe these days, the past month has been relatively amazing.

{pre-bagnet smiles}

the girls and i have been "together" for more than a year now. it's an easygoing friendship, and ever since we got our cars, our greatest (well, sorta) joy is to go out for an amazing lunch on fridays. so while we scrimp, make baon, or skip lunch altogether (when it's crazy busy at work!) from monday to thursday, fridays are sacred. yesterday was bagnet + dessert day. nom nom nom.

{diego on a KAP12 road trip}

with less than two months to go before KAP on december 1, things are even more hectic these days. last weekend, we all made time to go on our center visits. because of my (now) poor navigational skills (i used to be really amazing with directions), we got lost a couple of times. BUT, it was an amazing trip nonetheless, with a side trip to lola's place at cabanatuan. taking trips really teach you a lot about the people you call friends, and let's just say that this group passed the test.

{favorite "more fun in the philippines" ad!}

i've tried a bazillion permutations to get to work faster and with the least amount of traffic but the only solution is still leaving the house before 7am. one of the routes takes me thru baclaran where i first spied this jollibee ad. i don't recall ever being a huge jollibee fan, but the sentiment of this billboard just makes me smile every time i see it. and, when i'm with friends, i apparently share that feeling out loud, prompting my friends to always say, "nasabi mo na yan kanina. alam na namin. favorite mo yung jollibee billboard." oops, sorry!

{it's atis season ... i think!}

i'm a huge fan of atis, but for some reason, i'm never able to get any for myself. maybe it's cause my grocery/market skills are totally non-existent. in any case, i am thankful for friends who do not think twice about getting you something you really want, in my case, a kilo of atis that's ready to be eaten RIGHT NOW. yes, i'm impatient even when it comes to fruit.

{cooking diva}

i've started cooking again recently and it's such great joy for me. it takes my mind out of the petty little grievances that mar my day, the stress of having obligations you don't really want to fulfill, and - i won't pretend otherwise - makes my tummy super happy! so far, i'm calling a slightly modified version of casa veneracion's chicken embutido a signature dish (together with my smorgasbord sopas) and friends have assured me that my sinigang is yummy enough. the past couple of weeks have seen me running around like a crazy headless chicken - hence an empty fridge and pantry - but hopefully i'll be able to cook again soon. just looking at that pic makes me want to run over to the grocery and get me some bacon!

so that's it - a random recap with five pictures. today's loaded, and tomorrow, well, it's sorta loaded too. but for now, i'm enjoying my saturday morning in bed. it's still a bit early. maybe i can catch some ZZZZs again before it's time to get ready for my day.

happy saturday!

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