Wednesday, September 26, 2012

super fail

i'm lucky. with the exception of singing and losing weight, i usually succeed at things if i set my mind to it. since i love to cook, i'd like to think i'm pretty good at it. well, at least my friends think so. they love my sopas. they really do. i get constant requests to make it for them.

in any case, the recent burst of cooking has had its ups and downs... but mostly ups. the last time i failed miserably was with pad thai. but i've an excuse for that -- most non-Thai people who've tried making it have said the same thing: it's hard to get that lovely balance of sour-sweet.

buoyed by last night's success with sinigang na baboy, i had very high hopes for my adobong pusit. i'm not a huge fan of adobo (so unfilipino, i know!) but for some weird reason, i developed a major taste for adobong pusit about two years ago. every single time they had it in the canteen (at my former job), i'd order it and have it for breakfast AND lunch. when i moved to the MVP universe, i hardly saw it so i forgot all about it until about two weeks ago when i had lunch with the boys and one of the lawyers had it for lunch. since i'd been making my favorites (first embutido, then sinigang), i figured it was time to make adobong pusit.

after all, most of the blogs which had the recipe said it was pretty easy. gisa this, don't cook the squid too long, just a couple of minutes, and very few ingredients. i was CONFIDENT this was going to be a walk in the park.

turns out, i was TOO confident. my adobong pusit was watery, and was too sour, and the squid shrank to tiny little things (although i think this was to be expected). adobong pusit + rosa = super fail.

maybe i'll try the one with gata so that the sauce will be thick. or maybe i'll just eat at the Landmark foodcourt whenever the desire to eat adobong pusit hits. i heard PVL has a yum yum version. a hundred bucks isn't such a bad deal when the trade off is preserving my cooking ego. ☺

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