Thursday, June 21, 2012

me and my new hair

i'm the girl who refuses to spend a lot on her hair.  that was, until last tuesday.

i can blame it on impulse, claim temporary insanity, or the fact that i was wholly dependent on a hair tie to keep me from looking like a crazy woman at work.  whatever the cause, right after a quick lunch at the canteen, i told my officemates that i wanted to go park jun and get a haircut.

so someone called to check if the creative director was there (she came highly recommended on a article which claimed that she's perfect for those with thick, frizzy hair) and when i was penciled in at 12, we all trooped to glorietta and an hour later (she was quick!), i came out with lovely, lovely hair.

now, if you have the same hair texture that i do, you do know that lovely, lovely hair from the parlor translates into unmitigated disaster after the first shampoo.  and true enough, my nice soft layers turned into crazy woman hair after i allowed it to air dry yesterday.  i was a bit disappointed -- did the writer who did the review not promise that this woman, who charges what it would cost me to eat a buffet lunch at spiral (without a voucher!), is amazing when it comes to my kind of hair???

but then (1) my hair really is extremely damaged and (2) she did tell me i'd need a major treatment + grow my hair so she could cut off the damaged area and (3) i'd need a volume rebond later on to tame my wild tresses.  so today, i air dried my hair and then did what any girl wanting to make the most out of her expensive haircut would do: spent time styling it.  my weapon of choice? my revlon hair iron.

and what do you know. in less than fifteen minutes (it was dry already so all i had to do was iron), i had lovely, lovely hair once more.  sure, it wasn't wash and wear like i wanted, but at the end of the day, i was able to sort of recreate the "look" the stylist did for me. i got the nice layers framing my face, and the shape was a nice long bob, and while it wasn't as sleek as the blow-dried version, my version still looked like i paid good money to look cute. i felt the same way as i did when i stepped out of the salon.  now THAT, at least in my experience, is rare.

so thanks, Maiya for making my hair pretty.  i *might* just make it back to you salon chair in the future.

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commuter said...

so nice to hear from you again after some time...hehe... this is the girliest post in years!!! hehe... see you soon in your do.

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