Thursday, March 29, 2012

there's a rainbow always after the rain

you know how it's like. the day you get home late is the day you hear water magnificently flowing in your bathroom. you open the door and it's almost cartoon-like as water comes out to meet you. as you resign yourself to the fact that it'll take the good part of an hour to get rid of the water, not to mention take care of the damaged stuff, you just pray that the leak started late in the day so your water bill doesn't encroach on the other items on your budget.

the following morning you decide to do a load of laundry before going to work and an innocent spark - caused by the rat in your house eating through the extension cords - kills off two outlets. you're thankful -- better the outlets than the washing machine and the refrigerator both dying on you.

it's been like that for me, and with a workload that's threatening to bowl me over, a fever that won't "come out" cause of the flu shot that's probably battling with the virus, and a fight with a friend, i'm this close to shutting down and doing something stupid like blow my extra income on shoes.

then i get to work, open my email, and receive amazing news: the po has been signed and delivery date for "hans" is april 30. that's 32 days away. or sooner.

i'm hoping it's sooner. because sooner not only means there's a rainbow, but there's a pot of gold thrown in for good measure!

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gasolinedude said...

Pasakay naman diyan!

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