Friday, December 09, 2011

i'm alive

well, barely. so much to do, so much to share, so many details nagging my brain right now. let's just say that if i could, i'd tell you how incredibly fantastic life has been to me, every single detail of it, and how each day now - all the stress and bad things aside - makes me want to thank god over and over and over again for paving the path to bring me to where i am today.

okay, i'm not yet rich. and i haven't found the one. and i still need to lose a LOT of weight. but i'm happy. or should i use the word "content" as for once, i don't think i'm craving for something i cannot have (well, except for forever love -- which is what my officemates know him as) and i'm as happy as a clam just basking in whatever the tides bring in. you know what i mean?

in any case, and if you're interested, i'm:

* addicted to Earle's Delicatessen (i had to glance at the paper bag so i can spell it correctly, haha!) so much so that i wanted to bring home an entire slab. yes, i'm that bad.

* i have half a sandwich and a donut waiting to be eaten ... which i'll do as i continue reviewing/rewriting this contract that's making me crazy

* papa's here and i'm looking forward to the weekend at tita mayu's

i promise that i'll be posting more stuff soon.

p.s. sorry for unanswered tweets, unmoderated comments, and general absence. i promise to make it up to you all soon!

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