Monday, January 05, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

before i buckle down and get to work, let me just say that all drama aside, i'd like to think that my holidays were simply smashing

  1. week-long "vacation" at tita mayu's house ... just like when i was a kid
  2. never-ending bonding with pazi and anto ... from our SM sucat trip with theo, to that night at central, to a trip to the parlor, to our second trip at central with ann and shrek, to coffee at figaro. for the record, i am glad that anto can now drive and that, like pazi and unlike me, masipag siya maghatid. sana parati ganito
  3. road trip to ek with theo ... and never making it inside the theme park because of the sheer volume of people.
  4. mini-reunion with gay and rache. it was crazy cold at bo's coffee and time was too short to really catch up on stuff. but it was great knowing that all those months apart still hasn't changed the friendship that began with "parang nanalo siya sa lotto" and was cemented by all the coffee we ingested at the old starbucks at the corner of orosa and UN ave.
  5. videoke ... a first for me ... with anto, luke, theo, and jenny. of course i "recited" instead of singing.
  6. mmff "marathon" (if you could call two movies a marathon) with ABB which was crazy fun. how i wish we got to watch shake, rattle, and roll too!
2008, unfortunately, wasn't the happiest year for me. but there's always 2009. and, for the record, i can't wait to see what it'll bring.

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