Saturday, March 22, 2008

happy easter, everyone!

i know i said no shoes till easter.

and i really, truly abstained from buying a pair the entire lent.


but what's a girl to do when her aunt offers her never been used tory burch patent flats on good friday?

you accept them, right? especially if accepting them means your aunt doesn't have to deal with the fact that she so loves them but they're waaaaay too big for her.

easter, if i may say so myself, came a wee bit earlier this year.

lovely, lovely easter shoes. what makes them even lovelier is the fact that as i was on the bus on my way to nueva ecija, i had been thinking of getting lovely patent leather flats in black to go with the "gretchen barreto blouse" (don't ask, but g, r & i sort of name our clothes too. for better identification.) i bought last tuesday that i had planned on wearing to lingkod's easter celebration.

after all, isn't easter supposed to be better and bigger than christmas for us christians? and christmas, if i may say so myself, is the perfect time to get new outfits. so if you go get one for christmas, why not for easter which, translated in filipino, is pasko ng pagkabuhay.

anyway, if i'm going to be really and totally honest in here (it is still lent, after all), I must admit that the shoes do pinch a bit so i've taken to wearing them around the house, while watching tv, while lounging in bed while reading a book, while (okay, this can be totally embarrassing already) just admiring how my feet look on them. so far, i think they've expanded to the point that my feet won't atrophy and fall off from lack of blood circulation. of course, i would still have to road test them and i know in my heart that i wouldn't dare wear them if i were, say, commuting for fear that i won't get ten steps away from my house until i go running back to put on a pair of havaianas.

nonetheless, i love my new easter shoes and i think they're the modern day version of cinderella's glass slipper. don't you agree?

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